Im new to all this! How to become a nurse Im new to all this! How to become a nurse | allnurses

Im new to all this! How to become a nurse

  1. 0 I am currently in a CNA course. I have 2 weeks left. After I get my certificate where do I go from there? I want to become a RN in labor and delivery. Help!
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    You have choices. You can become an LVN/LPN or become an RN with either an Associates or a BSN.Check out programs in your area and decide which path you want to take.Complete the prerequisites and then apply.
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    Can a LPN do labor and delivery??
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    It would depnd on the facility. They can at the hospital that I work in but that may not be true for other places.
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    One year licensed lpn all over the country and particularly California have been phasing out lvn in the acute care hospital setting. Perhaps in rural area but having an ADN or Bsn in nursing will secure your chances of working in labor n delivery. Of course having the bsn will definetly give you the best chance to get a job period vs ADN.
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    Most hospitals in texas you have to be an texas wants 80% of rns to have a bsn by year not worried about fazing out LVNs at all...maybe for acute care ans such yes, but LVNs can work more than just hospitals...just go as far as you want!!! Whatever your dream is...go for it!!