I need help paying for college!!! I need help paying for college!!! | allnurses

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I need help paying for college!!!

  1. 0 Well, plainly to say i need help with something and i belive everybody from this forum can help me. See the issue is I just started school and Right now i'm in the clear, money wise but I do need money for me to finish this semester and the next ones to come. I'm trying to get a Stafford loan, but i know that their are different grants and loans for nurses. I know that there are hospitals that would even pay for nurses expenses for however so years in exchange for working with them for so many years, but how do i start looking for this. I need help because I obviously don't know what i am doing and I'm not afraid to say I could have done this before and that i made a mistake or two, but if you can, help me solve this, i would be most appreciative and just thanks for actually reading this. Good day and can't wait to hear from you.

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    talk to the schools financial aid office. There are schlorships. You need to fill out a fasta form from the gov. and try to see what kind of a grant you can get, Try www.fastweb.com or www. google.com and do a search for schlorships, grants, will give you lots of information. Hope thi helps