I have to wait to repeat a nursing class and graduation won't be till a year from now

  1. Hi, I'm not sure if anyone has put up a post that addresses my situation.

    I'm a nursing student at PCCC and have to retake Maternity and Peds this spring. I've spoke with the Dean, and basically, the retake will have to be postponed till this Fall, which means graduation will be next year in May (2011) as opposed to fall 2010.

    I already have an idea of things I might do in the meanwhile. I do currently work at a hospital as an Aide and also have a nursing externship under my belt.

    Does anyone else have any suggestions.

    FYI: I do plan to go on for my Bachelors and from there, to become a CRNA ( nurse anesthetist)

    Any input is welcome.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Be patient and thankful that you are allowed to do this. Better to be late in graduating, than to be prevented from graduating at all. I would spend as much time as possible, going over your notes and studying these subjects on your own before you are on the line again. Good luck.
  4. by   beatrocka
    Hmmm..... Thanks for the advice. As much as I want to continue, I missed that aspect on the outlook of the situation.
  5. by   njgrl622
    Caliotter3 is absolutely right!!! They are letting you repeat and you'll graduate a little later than you thought but better late than never! Having gone through Nur 3 once - you know what to expect and you'll do awesome the next time around! Stay strong and positive!

    The program at PCCC is TOUGH!! I've heard this from people going through other nursing programs - but that's why PCCC has a GREAT reputation and an extremely high NCLEX pass rate. So, as long as I survive Nur 2 this semester - I'll be seeing you in the fall for 3?

    Take this time to regroup - take a deep breath and look back on all that you've accomplished! This is a setback but its not the end! Best of luck to you and remember YOU CAN SUCCEED AND THIS AND SO MUCH MORE!!!
  6. by   beatrocka
    Thank you all for your input. I am building myself up with my notes and keeping an eye on the class notes for the 4th and last semester of nursing school so that i'll have a much more interesting time finishing up as opposed to those who are just learning the material for the first time.