I am interested in Nursing

  1. I guess there are a lot of posts like these, but here it goes..
    I am 23 and have a B.A in philosophy, but have been thinking about going into nursing. I guess I would like to know what people think about their jobs. What kind of nursing do you do or want to do? How often do you work? Do you work holidays? Do you have kids, and if so, do you have enough time with them? What qualities in a person do you think it takes to not only be a good nurse, but to enjoy it.

    I feel that I am a very caring person and actually like to help people in need. But I also am very interested in science and learning in general. I hear that you learn new things everyday, is this true? Do you feel you are respected by doctors?

    Also, anyone in New York City with recommendtions of good nursing programs?
    Any help on these things would be great.
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  3. by   GAgirl
    I love being a nurse. I went into nursing to work on an oncology floor and I'm still there. Absolutely love it. I work 32-40 hours a week, sometimes more. I do work holidays....we are supposed to rotate every year. I don't have kids, unless you count my 2 puppies. I definitely learn new things every day. No two patients are ever the same. Our floor is fortunate to have a great group of doctors that listen to us and respect us. There is the occasional intern that is a real stinker, but otherwise, no problem. I think one of the most important qualities of a great nurse is wanting to be a nurse. It isn't the job for those who are out to make easy money. It is a very challenging job that will teach you many, many things about yourself and other people. There is no other profession I would rather be in.
  4. by   talaxandra
    Welcome to allnurses!
    I began my training 15 years ago, and can say without hesitation that it's the best decision I've ever made. Every day I get to: make positive differences in people's lives, teach, and learn.
    I work in an acute tertiary hospital - that means the patients are among the sickest in the state; I work on a medical specialty ward, and so get a lot of variety with my work. Tonight my patient load includes a day 3 renal transplant, a palliative patient, two people with acute confusion, someone with septic shock, and a newly-diagnosed diabetic.
    I work full time, predominantly on nights; I work some public holidays, but get time off to make up for it (6 weeks a year, but that's in Australia). I don't have children, but I have enough time to have a life as well as work.
    The best nurses are those who can prioritise, think on their feet, put things together quickly, stay calm, and multitask. Maturity and common sense also go a long way. However, we come in all flavours, and the qualities you need depend on the area in which you work.
    One of the advantages of nursing over other caring professions - apart from the fact that you get to actually deliver consistant care to a group of patients and see the results of your intervention - is it's flexibility. You can work anywhere in the world, in pretty much any setting - there's something for everyone
    What keeps me coming back is the privilege of nursing - you will see people at their most vulnerable, and at their strongest; discover qualities you didn't realise you posessed, and assumptions you didn't realise you made. You will see things most people never get to - birth, death, triumph, joy. The best and worst in people, including yourself.
    Depending on what your major focussed on, you'll also find a philosophy background useful: medical ethics is booming, and there are issues everywhere. There's something really satisfying in being able to apply theory to a clinical situation, and I believe that philosphical differences in perception account for a good half of the issues between nurses and doctors; having the language and awareness to articulate that is helpful.
    Hope this helps!
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  5. by   lindskay
    Thanks you guys for all of your help.
    I really appreciate it. I think that what all of you do is incredible and I hold in the utmost admiration.

    Any more thoughts or advice will be extremely helpful.
    Thanks again.