How to get experience in a new field w/o experience? How to get experience in a new field w/o experience? | allnurses

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How to get experience in a new field w/o experience?

  1. 0 I have been working in pediatric home care for 3 years as an RN with my associates degree. I have been lucky enough to have a job I loved and fit my schedule with my kids and husband job and then insurance cancelled the nursing care. They have been trying to get the care back now for about 5 weeks and my company can't get me enough hours so it is really time to get serious about the job search. My problem is that every job I am interested in wants me to have experience in the field that I am applying. I have home care experience and I am getting my BSN which many jobs want but this will take me almost 2 years. I have looked into internships but none will take me now that I have worked!
    I would like to know how some people worked on getting their experience built up so they could move up in their career? I can't work nights, I have kids I have to care for and my husbands job gets in the way, I have applied for a few every other weekend. There is one job that is at a rehab hospital every other weekend. I wondered if that might be a stepping stone to get me to a regular hospital? I do have an interview as a community nurse next week but I am afraid that this won't really give me the experience I want.