How to get Washington State RN Licence?

  1. I am a RN currently employed in British Columbia and wish to obtain a Washington State Licence.
    In 1985 I passed the NCLEX Exam to obtain a Texas Licence and worked there for a couple of years.
    I obtained my Canadian Licence through endorsement.
    I plan to work in Washington State in the near future and need info on obtaining the Licence.
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    I have JUST the address for you:

    licensure is obtained through the WA State Dept. of Health. You MAY need to take an HIV/AIDS class to do this, so be sure to check into that. You might want to call there first, before writing for your license. I have worked with several BC nurses here and they articulate seamlessly and WELL!

    So, check that site for the procedure you need to follow to gain licensure in Washington State! Good luck!
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