How much more school for pharmacy

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    Any RNs going into pharmacy?

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    Pharmacy is a doctoral degree, minimum. There are several older threads here about nurses wanting to go into pharmacy, or people trying to decide between nursing and pharmacy, that have some good discussion. You could look for them by using the "search" function in the upper right corner of the screen.
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    Ya, thanks, saw the search box. But I wanted current posts.
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    To become a Pharmacist, you would need a PharmD, a doctoral degree. Before applying to a PharmD program, you would have to take your prereqs (Organic Chemistry, Physics, etc--courses that most Nsg. programs don't require you to take). Then, you would take the PCAT and earn a very competitive score. It helps to also have great grades in school. Apply, get into a good school and Pharmacy school (PharmD) is 4 years long. hth

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