How long after a job offer is orientation typically?

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    Say you get a job offer, how long after do you usually start working?

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    I recently accepted an ER position beginning of January and was told orientation will be starting 2/4. so it s about 30 days for me. it took the department manager 1 week ish to get the paperwork to hr and then another 1-2 weeks for background check. finally, one week for physical and hr stuff.
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    Depends on the company. I got a job offer a couple of weeks ago but orientation doesnt start until last week of Jan.
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    Got a job offer the Friday before Christmas and start 2/4. I had to submit criminal back ground fingerprinting, child abuse clearance, and undergo a pre-employment health screening...just did the pre-employment screening this past Wednesday. I think it depends on how much pre-employment paperwork and screening is required before starting. I had to submit to paperwork through the employee's website under "new hire" status-the hospital uses online profiling, so I can always log in and review the hospital-again, since I did all the required paperwork after I accepted the position. They also have their health and retirement plans, etc on the site, so I can be ready to choose from those plans on the day of orientation...a lot of good info to review before orientation!

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