How in the world are you supposed to get experience if every job want u to have it?

  1. I swear being a new graduate RN is both a blessing and a curse. You work so hard to get through nursing and to pass your boards and then when you do, you think you can start your career and everything will be perfect. How wrong I was. Never did I think Id be waiting 7 months struggling to get my 'foot in the door' . I feel so discouraged and have learned that managers today are very unsympathetic to new graduates who desperately need experience but don't have any to show for it. I don't mean to go off on a rant but its blows my mind how these nurse managers who have been working for years are so oblivious to the struggle it is to get experience. How do you get experience when every facility/hospital wants you to have at least 1 year in order to work as a nurse?? I'm sure there's other people out there who are in the same boat as me.
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  3. by   snovello2010
    I received my Pa license in July, struggled to find a job so I applied for my NJ license to expand my search with still no luck. I was under the impression that my school would be here to help me get a job at their affiliated hospital but I can't get past the online application process. It's really scary to think that after all the hard work, sweat and tears of nursing school that I will have to get a job doing something else while I look for someone to take a chance on helping me get experience so I can work. I feel your frustration
  4. by   arose26
    Did you go for your PA license after u had your RN license or did them together? That is crazy even as a PA you can't find work? I'm considering going for a masters bc while I'm waiting I can further my education and gain affiliatioms thru a school and internship I'd be doing. Yes its a risk but as you know its a big struggle and I don't want to be sitting at home getting depressed ovr this. I did relocate and I think that's a big reason I am having a hard time finding work.
  5. by   HouTx
    I think (looking at context cues) that "Pa" in snovello2010's message means "Pennsylvania", not "Physician Assistant".
  6. by   arose26
    ohh wow automatically thought it was physicians assistants lol sry . although I swear that career field is starting to look better then nursing. im in the process of applying to masters programs b.c ive come to realize I desperately need the affiliations of a school to get in. its either that or who you know that gets you a job today! I really hope I can get in because I don't know what else I can do.. just feel so discouraged being a new grad rn that no one is willing to train