high reputation about nurse

  1. I have read many posts about nurse at here, but I find we seldom talk about the nice things about nurse, why not? for example, the color of uniform of nurse is white, it means pure. So maybe we can image nurse to be a Angel. And....I want to know your opinions and imaginations~
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  3. by   gwenith
    I gather from your use of English that English is not your first language. We do not always talk about the good things true, I guess it is because we often use this forum to "vent" or complain. To sort out our problems so that we can BE better nurses. We no longer wear white here either. If you are interested in the different uniforms or "scrubs" there are many threads and discussions about this.

    As for angels - well not many of us like to think of ourselves as angels as this can be used against us to hold us to a "higher standard". An impossible level of achievement. If you want an example of how these "higher standards" can be used as whips to bully us just keep reading the threads that insist all nurses should have perfect spelling/grammar/knowledge of all medicine/athletic physique/ability to read minds and so it goes on.

    No! We are no angels.
  4. by   YPF
    I am not a native English speaker, but it will not prevent me to speak English, perhaps I have many wrong words. Why I want to talk about good things? Because I want to write an essay praise nurse. My mother is also a nurse, in my mind, my mother is a angel. I have not any meaning of againest nurse and to hold them to an impossible " higher standard". I just see how nurses work for patients; how they work hard. I respect them. It is a demanding profession. I will also take this course next year, I want to know more things about it. That is why I want to talk about good things.
  5. by   gwenith
    It os good to let us know if you ar from a different country or speak another language because then we can help and not bite your head off.

    I was not trying to be negative with your post but I was trying to expalin why we don't often say nice things about each other.

    You might find some more positive threads if you did a search.

    I am bumping this thread up so anyone who can remember some good threads can respond.
  6. by   YPF
    I am a Chinese, if you can help me with my English, I will be very happy. Whatever, I will try my best to do this search well and I also thank you for your suggestions.
  7. by   Gardengal
    I can't recall the exact threads whih are more positive, but there are many out there. I think that you will find that many of us love the core essence of nursing, but have difficulty with the practice of it in this day and age. I frequently say that I love nursing, I just wish i could do more of it and less of the politics of paper shuffling and system fixing.

    While I have always kind of liked the appelation of angel in some instances, mostly I find that the term angel for a nurse is incorrect and wrong. I believe that it highlights to an extreme the caring part of nursing while negating the thinking, doing, intelligent part of nursing. So...although the term angel may be flattering in one way, I only have wings on occasion. Usually I posess energy and intelligence which I use in the best interest of my patients. I am certainly no angel, as my temper which I always work to control would tell any one......Or maybe I am an angel since I rarely blow up!