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Hello - I thought I made a decision to go to nursing school. but now i am confused again between nursing and teaching. i love children and dont know what to do. anyone with pros and cons who would like to help me please... Read More

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    Every night I walk through the er doors I think, "what in the hell have I done? What was I thinking when I picked nursing as a career?" then as I leave in the morning, I think "I wouldn't trade this job for any job in the world," well, most mornings. The key is follow your heart, do what YOU want to do, not for the "money" or "glory", but because you want to help others. If you choose nursing, be prepared for really reallly bad days and really really good days. I love my career, nurses do not get much thank yous, but you know that you have made a difference.

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    I have also considered teaching as an alternative to becoming a nurse. In the private schools, you do get paid less but the class sizes are alot smaller and the children are better controlled. I went to private schools and had some really inspiring teachers who loved their jobs. Teachers have it rough with low pay and cut budgets, but if your heart is really in teaching, don't get discouraged by this. There are drawbacks to every profession. You could try becoming a CNA (8 week course) and then could get more insight on what nurses really do. Could also try being a teachers aid. I know that in Utah, they are very common for kids in grades K-3 and that could also be an option for you. Don't dismiss teaching altogether, just look into both professions more which will help you decide what you want.

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    Taeching has WAY BETTER hours...

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