Has anyone worked as a nurse for an Insurance Company?

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    I am a LVN working in home-health. full time. With the new pay cuts I am searching for a second job. I heard there is work for nurse's in the insurance companies. It sounds like a nurse goes to the home and gives a medical assessment. I am not sure of all the details.

    Has anyone heard of this?? I have searched the internet for the job title and how to find this kind of work, with no luck.

    I would really appreciate any help from my fellow nurses.

    Also, if you might have any ideas of part time work for LVN's. I am currently working full time, but as I said, I need to add a part time job due to the pay cuts recently.

    Thank you in advance.

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    I know a peer of mine who works as an LPN for a managed care company, as well as interviewed for a position many moons ago. I believe the position I interviewed for was Utilization Review nurse...but a few of the positions I have applied for: Preauthorization Nurse, Clinical Health Assistant. You can look up several managed care websites career search to look if they hire LPNs...that's what I did. Hope this helps!

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