Has Anyone Interviewed and Hired at Amerigroup?

  1. 0 Hello,
    I am looking for information about the hiring process at Amerigroup in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I recently applied for a Case Manager position. I am looking for any feedback regarding the hiring process. Thank you for your responses.
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    Hi! I was wondering if you heard back from Amerigroup? I applied to the office in Norfolk. I just checked the website & see that my app is under review!
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    I applied as well to the Virginia Beach and Norfolk positions. I got an email from the recruiter, I have a phone interview tomorrow at 1pm. Mine says "under review" too on the website.
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    Good luck!
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    ER_RN07. Thank you very much! Good luck!
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    So.....did you have your phone interview? How did it go?
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    The phone interview went well. I had two face to face interviews one this past Thursday and Friday. The interviews went well also. Now I am just waiting to hear something from the recruiter or for them to update my status online.
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    Dhawkinsrn how long before you were contacted after your app was listed as under review? My app switched to under review on 9/9. Do you have Case Management experience?
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    I do not have case management experience. I set up an account on LinkedIn and sent a recruiter a message about my interest in the case management position. The recruiter emailed me back within a few minutes and the process started from there. I interviewed with two departments and was offered a position with starts October 7th.
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    Congrats on the offer!! ��I will try emailing the Recruiter.
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    DHawkinsrn-so I recieved an email from Amerigroup asking me for a number to reach me at
    I am assuming they want to set up an interview? Did they do a phone interview 1st? What did they ask?
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    I know this thread is a few months old, but apparently Amerigroup has been acquired by Wellpoint. I just accepted a CM position with them and they are sending me to the Virginia Beach Amerigroup office for training.
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    Hey! I know this thread is old but I have an upcoming interview with them. 2 different positions for 2 different departments. Are Wellpoint, Anthem, and Amerigroup the same company? It can get a little confusing.

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