Graduated, passed NCLEX, had baby, 17 mths later looking to enter workforce. Advice?

  1. Hello,

    I graduated with my BSN in December of 2009, passed the NCLEX in February of 2010 and had a baby in March. For the past 17 months I've been lucky enough to make the choice to stay at home with my kids. I am planning on starting my nursing career after the new year. Although I am a mature woman with good grades, skills and a previous science career with relevant management and education experience, I am well aware of the challenges facing me in finding a job.

    I returned to school with the goal of becoming a CNM and plan on applying to the combined CNM/FNP MSN program at Frontier School of Nusing after getting a few years of clinical experience under my belt. Although maternal child is my passion, and the specialty I worked for my preceptorship, I would like to start my career as a med surge nurse based on the advice of many nurses I respect. I understand though pregnancy is a normal part of a woman's life, today's childbearing population enters pregnancy with a larger number of existing health problems and to be a skilled nurse practioner I want to know how to recognize and treat the non-normal.A few years in med surge will give me the chance to perfect these skills before moving into L&D. While working med surge I plan on maintaining membership with AWOHNN and pursing my Lactation Educator cert.

    I was a good student academically and clinically. I consider myself a very hands-on, passionate, science-loving nurse. I earned my degree and licensure and know I would do well in the hospital, but am very humble to the fact that I need clinical experience. I will be greatful for the chance to learn. In the next three months I would like to enhance my skills as much as possible; outside of direct clinical experience; and refresh what I already know. I speak decent Spanish and am working on increasing my medical Spanish fluency. I am brushing up on my pharmacology, labs and clinical skills by repeating the Evolve coursework online. Do you seasoned nurses, managers and recruiters have advice on CNEs or desirable skills you value in a new nurse? How would you recommend getting a foot in the door? If getting an acute care position proves impossible, what route would you suggest for getting there: LTC, nursing home, home health?

    Thank you for your time. It is appreciated more than you know.
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  3. by   Mary C
    To get into labor and delivery, we looked for nurses with experience in OR, ER, pre op and post-op. Surgery nurses are comfortable with csections and delivery recovery, and some have great IV skills. ER has a wealth of experience and triage experience (and IVs). Med surg is a good backup to those.

    I can't see my nurse manager hiring from ltc or home health, but that's just my unit.

    I would get BLS and ACLSbefore applying, and potentially a telemetry class for an acute position.

    Joining AWHONN and taking NRP or a fetal monitoring class may make you more marketable for labor someday.

    This is just my experience. Good luck to you.