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  1. 0 Hi there! Im currently a nurse with almost two years of experience now in a snf. My desire is really to get into a hospital eventually. But unfortunately, hospitals always require acute care experience whenever i look up and apply for a job. I was just wondering, in this case, if I will ever get a chance to work in a hospital. I am also thinking of inquiring for something like a versant or a re-entry RN program as a starting point in order to get in. Any thoughts? thanks.
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    You have to really sell yourself and your skills in your cover letter. Things like IVs, peritoneal dialysis, wound vacs, etc are all great skills in addition to communication, collaboration and time management.

    Consider transitioning through a rehab hospital if the acute care centers aren't biting.
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    thanks sboston RN.
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    You should also consider LTAC jobs. They are a great transition & will enable you to improve your acute care skills.

    Good luck to you!