Foreign Nurse Licensed in the US. RN, BSN, Masters.. Without job for over two years..

  1. I am a foreign nurse with over two years of nursing experience overseas. Secured my RN license in 2010 in Pennsylvania. Also have a BSN (Foreign University), a Masters degree (US University). Since then however, I have completed several job applications and but for one short term coding assignment, remain unable to secure a job. I do very good interviews and speak without much of an accent most of which I've lost anyway due in part to stay in Britain.
    Still searching.. remote positions, office etc. Could there be something Im doing wrongly? Would welcome advice, suggestion..
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    What sort of job are you applying for and will a work/immigrant visa be required?
  4. by   Propanolol
    Do not require sponsorship. Got work docs and do expect to get the green card shortly. I've got some experience with per diem, part time home health nursing, behavioral health services experience with children and geriatric patients living with Autism Spectrum disorders and Alzheimers respectively as well as research experience with minority population during graduate thesis research. I'd like something to do with work out in the field or community or a remote position in case management, utilization review, research or anything that guarantees some measure of independence with my work.
  5. by   newtinmpls
    If you really want a job, apply for everything nursing. I wasted a year applying "only at the places I really wanted to work" but it was the year of working at the "last choice" places that got me the experience, that got me the better job.

  6. by   Propanolol
    Though I got a couple places in mind I'd rather love to work at, I been applying everywhere and continue to do so. Looking into relocating now. Hopefully that yields something positive. Thanks nonetheless for your encouraging comment.
  7. by   newtinmpls
    I hope the search is going better now.