Float RN as a new grad?

  1. 0 I need some advice from the experienced RN's and the new grads who are in the float pool. Or any advice from anyone would be amazing! I was offered a position in the RN float pool at the hospital I work at. It would involve all the units (sicu, micu, cvicu), ER, and 4 med surg floors. I'm currently a pca float so I'm used to floating. I just graduated nursing school this December and plan to take my NCLEX beg of feb. I am scared to take the position bc I'm not sure if it is a good idea and/or safe for a new grad to start out as a float? I'm also scared this might be the only opportunity coming my way and I don't want to pass it up either...so confused! Help
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    Hey There!

    I am a new grad as well and I think some hospitals only hire new grads as float! But that just means you will be exposed to more environments then the average new grads and after a couple months you can apply for the floor you really want to work on! I think its a great idea! Also if you dont feel comfertable on the floor they ask you to go to feel free to tell them. It is a hard job outlook right now so take what you can!

    An important question to ask them is how long the orientation is.


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