FL RN needs to learn Spanish

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    Does anyone know where I can learn Spanish for Medical Professionals? Thank you for any direction you all can provide me. Community college is too expensive for me.
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    I don't know where you can find that specific Spanish course online, so I'll just direct you to general Spanish instruction.

    There are lots of free and paid Spanish websites and podcasts out there: just Google it and see what you find. Even the BBC offers a basic free one and you don't even need to be in the UK.

    Or you can go to your local library and check out some instructional CDs.

    If you want to buy your own program, you don't need to go as far as Rosetta Stone: there are lots of good programs (Berlitz, et al.) for under $50.
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    Agree with what Meriwhen posted.

    And when you're at home, listen to Spanish-speaking radio or watch Spanish channels. Watch the telenovelas when you eat and soak up hearing Spanish to get used to it. Immerse yourself in as much Spanish as you can.
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    Hi try the World Word Exchange to learn Spanish, Mandarin or Thai its cheap and you can try it free. It is also like no other method I have tried. Learn the 100 most common words first from playing a word memory game. There is a timeline that records when and how long you study. Its great for motivation. You even get free credits from the site for being a good student.Give it a try and let me know what you think thanks L.G.