First RN job and I'm terrified

  1. Hello nurses! I graduated earlier this year with a BSN degree. I had about two months of unsuccessful job hunting and can't get accepted at a hospital in my area, unfortunately. I really need work and money right now, so I accepted a job from one of the SNF/LTC/rehab facility with a $29 base salary. My orientation is next week and I was told that my floor training can be 2 days up to 3 months depending on my progress. I would be expecting to work in any unit since changes in staff assignments is common and might take up 18-33 patients. I'm scheduled 6:30 pm to 7:00 am.

    When I toured the facility and learned quite a bit of the environment, I already know I am not going to last there. I accepted the offer nonetheless because I can't be picky at this point and really need the money and experience. I'm already anxious before even attending the orientation since I've read so many horror stories about LTC and this gut feeling of mine that it isn't going to go well for me as a new nurse. I was hired on spot so I already know they are desperate for the position to be filled in.

    However, I am debating if I should back out after already completing drug screening and fingerprinting, which my employer paid for because maybe, my intuition is just throwing me off and that perhaps I just got intimidated quickly. I am going to continue looking for other jobs with better work environment, heck, I'll be happy to work at a clinic or office if it means a lower pay. I just really worry about what I'm getting myself into. I might have to suck it up at the moment, but once I feel miserable, I will quit regardless of how long I'll go by. If I should have to leave after just a few weeks or months, should I still put it in my resume?

    I really would appreciate any input.
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