Finally I got a job! SUCCESS!!

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    After a year and 2 months of job hunting, I finally got a full time job in Long Island. The RN's, LPN's and the CNA's and all the people there at the nursing home are so friendly and they are very nice. The first day of training, I felt comfortable so welcomed. Ok so, I just finished my had 4 day training/orientation, and I'm gonna start my first day on Saturday. What should I expect through a typical 11-7 night shift? I understand every facility is going to be different. I just want to prepare myself and have a clue of what to expect. Thanks! HAPPY EASTER TO ALL!!

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    Hi There,
    I know it's been a while, but I am a new LPN graduate and was wondering where you were able to land your position, if you are able to give that information? Thank you
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    Can't speak to the duties of the job, but congratulations!
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    Hey, congregation on job! I am highly impressed because I could not endure as long as you did and gave up long before one year mark. I was na´ve and thought 3 yr. exp. in ICU would make it just as easy to find a job in this climate as I did first time after RN school. Wrong.

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