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  1. What should I write when they ask for responsibilities on a job application. I've been a nurse over 20 yrs and was recently laid off, so I think saying medication administration, that I can start IV's, etc. is too basic, that I assess patient's and report changes to the physician is a given, that I can check and administer medications is also a given. To recite
    assess, analyze, plan, implement, and evaluate seems to be too mechanical.
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  3. by   HouTx
    I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Unfortunately, your situation is becoming more common as hospitals downsize and 'redesign' their patient care models in an effort to reduce costs. Hopefully, you got a decent severance package. In today's job market, your most valuable asset is your experience & the confidence and expertise that comes with it - make this your major selling point as you market yourself. Make no mistake about it, you are now selling Brand rivki to potential employers.

    Expand on the types of patients you managed. Department names don't reveal what type of patients were admitted. So you would want prospective employers to know if you have experience with specific clinical populations. Provide information about your skill & experience related to responding to emergency situations. Also, be sure to include information about any committees or task forces you were on - especially if they were part of a Shared Governance system. Make sure you highlight any team lead, charge or supervisory experience as well as responsibility for precepting or training new staff. Highlight any quality improvement studies or projects you were involved with.

    HCAHPS is a critical measure for hospitals now, so make sure you also include information about any particular recognition you have received related to patient satisfaction.

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