expd RN new to Chgo: hospital opions? good/bad agencies?

  1. 0 Jut relocated back to the suburbs of Chicago after being gone for almost a decade. I have over 15 years as an RN. I'm not looking for bashing, just good advice.

    I am seriously thinking about going the private duty route but before I decide, I want to work agency or registry at a few hospitals in the burbs to get a sense of the working conditions, politics, attitudes, etc. I don't need benefits since my husband has those but I do need to work.

    Any recommendations of good hospitals to work at in the north/northwest/west suburbs? Any good nurse agencies? Does anyone know the going rates around here? I am strong in med surge and ICU - I can work any shift - kids are grown. And I wouldn't mind a really good long term care facility if they had a lot of skilled beds.

    Again, I'm not looking for bashing but if there are situations or facilities I should avoid, let me know. My email is LoraKB@netscape.net if you want to keep your comments private.

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