1. 0 I am currently in EMT-B training. I have a month of class left. They particularly came to me and told me about the AEMT (EMT-I) starting right after EMT-B and gave me the heads up that I can join upon my passing. Let me give you details for my question:

    I am 3rd or 4th in my class, with an 85 average. 90% of the class has 79 or below.

    The teacher reads power points; none of which are pertinent to the test.

    The tests I take are about silly ninny details rather than patient care. For example: Is it spelled arteriosclerosis or atherosclerosis for the build up of plaque in your arteries (this was an actual question on the test). This makes studying hard as each 2 weeks we have 350 pages to know every detail to.

    My question then is...I was told EMT-I is easier as it is just learning to stick people with a needle. Can anyone tell me if I am headed into a harder field or what is going on here? I know EMT-B...what am I getting into with EMT-I? A lot harder stuff?

    Also, is paramedic killer? I know a lot of people I wouldn't trust as paramedics...yet they passed..?

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    Two things:
    One, this is a forum for nurses and the like, not EMTs or paramedics.
    Two, emt-b is for basic, I for intermediate, A for advanced. So yes, they get progressively harder.
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