Do not rehire

  1. So I quit a job without notice (stupid I know) about 2 years ago....that put me on the do not rehire list with HR.....does anyone know if I could reapply? How long does one stay on the list? I want to reapply at a different hospital but in the same system ( they own about 8 hospitals).
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  3. by   meanmaryjean
    Generally 'do not rehire' means 'do not rehire- ever'. Sorry
  4. by   lmccrn62
    Means just that they will not hire you back and that will follow you where ever you go including back ground check of previous appointments. It's not a good lesson to learn. Never burn your britches whether you love or hate the job.
  5. by   IRF-Nurse
    Thing is... they not only have the right to refuse you rehire as long as they are in business... they also have the right to tell others that you are not eligible for rehire... don't burn bridges, it's important - if you think they don't share commentary on staff nurses who make their job harder than it should be... you're wrong.
  6. by   TBlase
    Even if you are (yes, I know she died, I'm speaking hypothetically) Mother Theresa and leave with a 5 year notice, and wash the feet of your boss using your hair? You can still be made a 'never rehire'. This is all nonsense. What will happen will happen. And they will reference you when you leave anyway they see fit, truthful or not. The ethics about treating employees as humans, something to be valued, is long gone. Welcome to America.

    That said, there's another interesting point to be made about the consolidation of medical centers, doctor offices, labs, and the like: As more people cannot afford health care, they are not able to pay their bills. In the past, this would mean a trip to the collection agency, and bad credit scores. Increasingly, it now means that since you are in default of your medical bills, you are facing fewer choices to obtain health care if you need it since the provider you have not paid may have merged into a group of other providers- therefore none of them will treat you (aside from emergency room care).
  7. by   Meriwhen
    Facilities vary. Some places will remove you from the DNR list after a couple of years. For others, it's a lifetime designation. Also, in the case of chains, that could vary as well: you may be DNR at one facility or DNR at all.

    That being said, it could not hurt for you to call HR and talk to someone about your status being removed from the list, because you never know.

    Best of luck. And remember not to walk out on the next job no matter where it is.