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Difference between nursing home and home care

  1. 0 some of my friends told me nurse aid work in a private agency is extremely tough. others told me it is not bad as long as you don't work in a nursing home. I feel confused about what is the difference between nursing home and home care? Thank you very much
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    In a nursing home you will have an assignment that will consist of several residents over an eight hour shift. You may or may not be paired with another nursing assistant to get your tasks done. In home care, you work with one patient by yourself, for a short visit of an hour or two, to do ADLs, or for a shift. There is only you. It is not that difficult because you only have one patient and you receive the same, or more, pay as you would working with several residents in a LTC facility.
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    Thank you very much, that helps me a lot. I think I will apply home care job.