Dietetic Technician Graduate to RD or LPN? Dietetic Technician Graduate to RD or LPN? | allnurses

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Dietetic Technician Graduate to RD or LPN?

  1. 0 Greetings everyone! I just recently graduated with my Associates Degree in Dietetic Technician, I originally planned to go through the Bachelors Degree for Registered Dietitian but it is a bit discouraging to learn that RD's make as much as LPN here in NYC area. I am debating whether I should continue with my RD study which I will finish by June 2014. Or transfer school to get my LPN certificate which I will also finish by June 2014. Kindly give your insights and thoughts! Thank you.
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    I would highly suggest going from associates that you have to associates in nursing. There are programs out there, look online and call school counselors. I am pretty sure you will find one that doesn't take very long, possibly even the same amount of time. So many hospitals are requiring even BSN now. I would save some of your time in the long run and go for atleast the assoc. In nursing!! Good luck to you.
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    To clarify-- when I say assoc. In nursing I mean RN licensure with your associates degree (really shouldn't be a bad program since you already have an assoc. Degree) again good luck!
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    Dietitians continue to suffer from HORRIBLE salaries. It's a wonder that anyone chooses this very necessary and valuable profession. I just don't understand it.