CPCT should I go back to school for associate of business in health care administrati

  1. 0 I just passed my certification for Patient Care Technician and in the near future I will be going back to school for my RN or LPN. My question is until I go back to school should I go to school online for an Associated of Business in Healthcare Administration. Is that a good degree to have under my belt or a good alternative field? Any opinions or healthful information will really be appreciated.
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    NO!!! (is that emphatic enough?)

    That would be a complete waste of your time and money - especially from an online school. I realize that it may be heavily marketed by online schools - who sell tuition, not education - but it would not have any value in terms of getting a job. Go ahead and begin working as a PCT, but if you're looking for a healthcare career, there are really no quickie online degrees that will get you where you want to be. Get a list of the pre-requisite classes you will need for nursing school and go ahead and start working on them. This will take you a while. Even if you change your mind or can't get into a nursing program, those classes will probably also be required for other types of healthcare careers.
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    Thanks for your input. Still don't know yet.

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