cost of nursing school???????

  1. Im so confused! Grants, loans scholarships. Do I have to apply to the school before I even know if qualify? That is a big part of my decision. Im a stay home mom of 2 and my husband makes ok money but not enough to put me through school. Will fedral loans go off his income? Any ideas let me know. Thanks
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  3. by   sierranic
    You wouldn't need to be accepted at a school in order to see if you are eligable for government grants or loans. I do believe that you have to be enrolled in a program for a scholarship though. Any government grants and loans would be issued on the basis of your family income, so if your husband is the bread winner it would be based off of his income. What you might want to do is start applying for school, so you know if you can get in. Some schools have waitlists that can last 2 years or more, so getting in may be the hardest thing you face. There are quite a few scholarships, loans and grants that are available, but personally I wouldn't worry too much. Some hospitals will even pay back some of your loans, so there is another option!! Whatever you do, don't give up!!
  4. by   WV_heart_RN
    One of the first things you have to do is fill out the FASFA form. It is the federal financial aid form. You can do it online or get a hardcopy from the school you are applying to. You can do this before you are accepted into the program. It will tell you what grants (like the Pell) you are eligible for. If the grants are not enough then you can get loans. Loans do not look at your income but they must be paid back after you get out of school.
    I would suggest you call the financial aid office at your school you are looking at. They should be able to help you out.