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Hello! First post here. I'm going to be giving you all a lot of information here. I have read tons of threads on this board to help me make a decision, but I figured I would try and get some advice tailored towards my... Read More

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    Just a personal experience:

    I was one of the lucky ones who was drawn to nursing from a young age. As I got serious about looking into programs and the specifics of the career, I was even more excited to get started in nursing. I knew even if I absolutely hated some aspects of it, it was only 3 12s, I would always have a job, good pay, etc. All the things that people always echo about nursing. Unfortunately, that is not the case anymore. I graduated in May 2010 with my ADN. It took me 6 months to find my first RN job making $16/hour, working Mon-Sat, driving an hour each way, for a money hungry private physician's office. That will truly test your love for nursing. Since then, I've been lucky enough to obtain a different, much more enjoyable position. Still Mon-Fri in a clinic and the pay is slightly better. But I definitely don't feel like I have the options or flexibility that are "promised" when people talk about nursing. Until a hospital is willing to give me a shot on the floor, I will never see 3 12 hour shifts. I have no choice to negotiate salary when there are 100s of nurses in a 10 mile radius that will work for less just to have a position. These are all stressful situations that may take away time from the hobbies you love. I say go with what you feel, but I wish you good luck either way!

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    Most people in IT feel under paid for what they do. Never ending training several times a year with expanded duties and no extra pay compensation . Working 7am - 3pm M-F is nice. with overtime 3am calls and occasional weekend shifts not so.
    want 95+ from financial district getting up at 4A and getting home for dinner at 9pm with no life because you gotta wake up in 7 hours.

    Maybe shadow Bruce Willis and make 15 mil a flick.

    20 years IT and want change
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    Have you tried signing up as a volunteer at a local hospital? That might give you an inside look to see if it will work for you...
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    3-day workweeks are definitely not a guarantee. I would love it if I could work for an employer that offered 12-hour shifts but none of them are hiring near me. So I'm stuck commuting 45 minutes 5 days a week for my regular 8-hour shifts.

    If you're able to shadow a nurse or talk to more nurses in your area, you might get a better idea of what it's like in your area. I work in an area that is saturated with nursing schools churning out fantastic BSN-prepared nurses, and many Magnet-designated hospitals that many nurses in this country would love to work for. So that means it's extremely difficult to get a job because of the competition. It's a job like any other - sometimes you take what you can get. I like nursing for the fact that it provides me the means to do what I want with my time off - traveling!
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    I agree with the suggestion of radiology tech. As an introvert you wouldn't have to deal with patients, you would make a respectable income and 3-12's may be a possibility. Respiratory therapy is another good option too.

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