Changing Careers

  1. I am currently a high school teacher and after only three years teaching, I really do not like my job. I am a hard-worker, but I find teaching monotonous and stressful in all the wrong ways. I am seriously considering a career in nursing, and I almost went into nursing but chickened out because of the blood and guts. For the seasoned nurses out there, is nursing a better career than teaching in your opinions. Any guidance you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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  3. by   169xtw
    In my opinion, teaching is quite boring as you get too teach all the same subject. But for nurses, they get to explore more and everyday is a different stories. The can also specialized in different nursing role and with higher work experience their salary is quite good as well.
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  4. by   akanini
    I taught fifth grade for a few months and HATED it. Nursing gives me more opportunity and different experiences. You should go for it!
  5. by   sh1015
    I'm in a very similar situation.

    I left academics for education. And then hated education. I didn't even make it through the teacher training I was so bored. I love, love working with kids, but I don't want to be their classroom teacher every singe day.

    I'm considering nursing, too. I think I'm going to become a CNA first to see if it's for me before I dive all the way in.

    Funny, most of my close friends are teachers and they pretty much all hate their jobs. I have other friends who are nurses and they love it. They'll admit it's hard, but they never regret going to nursing school.