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Career change advice please...

  1. 0 Hello all... I'm new to this forum, but I'm hoping that I can get some advice/opinions about how to make a successful transition to nursing!

    A little background info, I have some exposure/background in the medical field already... I was an EMT for a few years while working as an Advanced Level ED Tech in a local hospital and attending PA school. I decided that the PA route wasn't a good fit for me (mainly because my interest was in L&D/maternity, neither of which are common PA specialties); however, academically I found the program to be a great fit. I ended up finishing my Bachelor's in a non-science field, but of course have all of my nursing pre-reqs from PA school...

    I also completed a grad degree, MSW... I pretty quickly realized that social work is not something I'm truly passionate about, and immediately missed the hands-on nature of the medical field. I have remained very interested in L&D/maternity (and all things related to mother's & babies) and am hoping to complete training as a birth
    doula this Fall.

    So I've decided that I really want to go into nursing and pursue a career in L&D/maternity!!

    My question is: Am I better off doing a BSN (not accelerated so about 2yrs as a transfer w/ all nursing pre-reqs and gen. ed already completed) or an RN diploma program (about 1 year)? I'm not necessarily in a huge hurry, and tuition is in-state rate for both programs so not a huge difference in the long-run. Also, I may consider an NP or CNM program at a later stage...

    Our local RN program is very good, but also very competitive so I will most likely apply to both programs, but in the event that I'm accepted to both... what's the best option?
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