Can't get back into nursing....

  1. I am a 40 something RN who took some time off to raise my children....I have maintained my nursing license, as well as my certification and BSL/CPR....I worked for a flu immunization clinic this year and really enjoyed easing back into nursing...but the position was temporary. I have been applying to hospitals, offices, etc...and really can not get my foot back in the door just to work part time...I am not even asking for benefits...After 15+ years experience in a hospital, you would think that I would be more desirable than a new grad...I can not get into a doctor's office because I do not have experience there...It is sooo frustrating...We were told that nurses would always be in demand...That does not seem to be the case....Any suggestions how to get back in...Should I just show up at the hospital with resume in hand? Is that acceptable? I would love to hear how successful nurses returned to the profession... Thank you for any help you can offer....
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  3. by   Nurse ABC
    Did you ever find anything? Do you know someone who is currently working that could put in a good word for you? Do you have any old managers that would remember you? Do your personal doctors know you 're a nurse who is looking for work and could put in a good word for you with someone? Sometimes it's who you know. Are there any refresher courses you could take? I know it's hard out there right now. Good luck!