Can EMTs work in hospitals?

  1. Hey Guys, quick question, I'm an APRN of a busy busy BUSY inner city daughter has been working as an EMT-B on a very busy ambulance service (same inner city) for 2 years, held her emt license for 4 years...shes looking to make the move inside of the hospital, our hospital hires ED techs, but I wasn't sure about floors? can they act as a CNA, nursing tech, PCA, PCT?? I do believe the license and schooling are more involved than those i mentioned....I'm aware this is specific to each state and hospital...just wanted your take.


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  3. by   HouTx
    In TX, EMTs & other first responders are considered "unlicensed assistive personnel" in hospitals. They are strictly limited to work that is similar to nurse aids. This is defined by our clinical practice statutes that outline scopes of practice for each type of clinical license. EMTs and Paramedic scopes of practice are strictly those of 'first responders', not inpatient or acute care settings.
  4. by   luv_o_so_much
    The hospital may be willing to train her as a nurse assistant since she has experience in the medical field. My hospital hires EMTs for the ER and ICU.
  5. by   akulahawkRN
    Typically, EMS personnel are indeed considered "unlicensed" personnel in the hospital setting. If they're hired to perform in their certified/licensed role, it'd be the ED, where their scope would be best utilized, as that's closer to "the field" than any other unit in a facility.

    I've seen EMT and Paramedics hired and trained as CNA or similar role for employment in a hospital.

    For the OP: inquire with HR (in a friendly manner) about whether or not an EMT can be hired as a tech of some sort or they'd be willing to cross/retrain the right EMT for working elsewhere in the facility in an aide/assistant role. You'll know then if it's even possible in your state/local area and, in particular, your same facility.