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Camp Omigosh is a remote camp set in the verdant mountains of New Hampshire (yes, the name of the camp has been changed to protect the not-so-innocent). This is my fourth year as a camp nurse. Tired from a very busy month, I am... Read More

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    Quote from aknottedyarn
    One thing I would suggest is to write P&P based on your experiences.
    It's a very good idea. Some of it is covered in the camp's "Standing Orders" but none so specific. But I like it for sure re the stuff that they don't cover.

    Interestingly, under "pediculosis," it basically just said how to treat it (it even said KWELL, which is not used anymore!), and the bedding, but it said nothing about sending kids home or not.
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    That is a fabulous idea AKY- writing Policy and Proceedure for Childrens camps.
    What I have found; us old nurses have the skills and the mostly that 'sacred' experience. We are just not familiar with the new fandangled labels put on these skills and experience. These are things we have been doing for years and years.
    When we get report on a group of patients- doesn't matter if it's acute care, LTC or Camp nursing- this used to be called prioritizing( we did/do it every duty shift, mentally) aka deciding who to go to first, second and third etc, who the doctor needs to see= this is "triage" ( Do you belive at least 4 people have made a ton of money off writing text books about each and every disease senario we have been doing for years and years: Barton Schmitt- 'Pediatric Protocols for Telephone Triage'. This is now the gold standard of care in pediatric triage. This doctor doesn't have to see another patient in his lifetime)

    When we talk to a patient or a family about how to do something- dressing change, medication instructions and give follow up instructions, we called it 'patient teaching' = this is now called "nursing consultation"

    When we talk to an asthmatic about taking their inhalers, which inhaler is the preventative, which is the rescurer, and the technique for using the inhaler, what to avoid as triggers, which symptoms to be aware of for impending trouble, recommendations when and how frequently to see the doctor, peds has an asthma action plan/ AIM managment sheet that is recommendated by each state's dept of health = this is "disease management" ( this is a red hot, hot topic with Pediatrics. Many state deptartments of health have grant funded positions for nursing positions in the deptartment and in some FQHC clinics, and public funded outpatient family practice clinics- the grant funds pay the nurses salary to do these positions: check out the civil service commission in your state)
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    Just FYI, I did decide a couple of months after this experience that I would not be helping with camp this coming year, and I feel really good about the decision. I will miss camp, and the kids (maybe I can go visit for a couple days) - but I have no question that it was the right thing to do.
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    So where is everyone working this year (camp nursing) - is it your first time or have you been there before? What is some wisdom you could pass on to newbies to the field? What are your favorite and least favorite parts of the job?

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