BSN then MSW? Or MSN?

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I'm currently considering staying for an extra year of undergrad to fulfill pre-reqs so I can apply to a Second Degree Nursing Program. I'm currently studying child development/psychology, and I had originally planned to just get my MSW after graduation to pursue medical family therapy or child life, but nursing has suddenly become an interest of mine.

    Has anyone ever done this combo or known someone who's done it? How is it beneficial (such as what other qualifications does it give me)? Also, would it be best to get my MSW immediately following my BSN or wait until after I've worked as an RN for a while? Or would an MSN be more fitting than the MSW?

    Sorry for all the questions, I'm new to this! Thanks in advance for any feedback

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  3. by   momto2j's
    If I were you I would get your BSW instead of phyc. Then you can do a bridge program for one more year and get your MSW. Then if you want to pursue nursing you could get an ADN or BSN eithor way you will have and MSW and an RN. Ideal if you are wanting to work in mental health. I think my MSW trainining will enhance my assessment ablitity in nursing.
  4. by   Lina Marie
    Thanks for your input! I think for now I'm still going to apply to MSW programs while I begin taking my pre-reqs. That way, it gives me a back-up option if I change my mind. But if I do ultimately go the nursing route, I think for sure I will do the ASD program to get my BSN. Then perhaps after a few years working as an RN, I could consider an MSN program.
  5. by   ChristineN
    I know there was just a thread here recently about MSW's vs RN. Anyway, have you looked into a Psych NP program and what they are qualified to do?