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  1. I graduated in August last year, and moved to CA to try to find a job and live with my then-fiancee. I was officially licensed as an RN by mid-October, but could never find a job. In Feb. of this year I applied to Texas for my License by Endorsement and received my temporary license. However I was still looking for a job in both states and was not going to complete my application till I had a job offer in Texas, especially since I was married in March and taking a job in Texas meant leaving my husband. I realize now waiting to turn in my background check and take the jurisprudence exam was a bad idea. I got a job offer, and started in May in Texas. However my temporary license expired mid-June. I had everything turned in (and received) by June 15th, and knew it was going to take ten business days to process. I was okay with that, it's my own fault and I know it. But we are now on the 12th business day and my license has still not been processed and posted. I also cannot seem to get a hold of anyone who can tell me why, or find out why and call me back. I'm frustrated, my nurse manager is frustrated, and I just need some advice if anyone has any. I don't know exactly what to do, or if there is anything I CAN do.
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  3. by   not.done.yet
    Well, I would first of all hope your manager isn't letting you work since you are not licensed.

    Texas BON is notoriously slow. They have been taking months to complete out of state background checks. Nobody seems to know why.

    Best of luck to you. This will probably take a while.
  4. by   MrsPanda0311
    Thanks for your reply. It did take a while, but it finally went through on Thursday, a total of 17 business days after they received the last of my information. It took being persistent and assertive with my phone calls to get it done, but I'm just relieved I can finally get back in to work! I was afraid for my job, for sure. This is my first job out of college, and I certainly didn't want to do anything to jeopardize it. I get to officially start working on the floor Monday night!