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Best Direction for Grad School?

  1. 0 Hello, I'm a Northern California new BSN grad who has sent out over 300 applications for nursing positions in a 150 mile radius of my home and can't even get an interview. Those of you in the area--I know you feel my pain! With school loan repayment dates creeping up on me, I am looking at having to "rush" my return to school for a masters degree if I can't find a job soon. My problem is this: without any real-world experience, how am I supposed to know what direction to go in while getting a masters, much less what the hire ability of each one is? I know that I don't want to go the NP route, but don't know if I would prefer education over management or vice versa. CRNA looks like a great option as well, but I haven't seen hardly anywhere in Northern California utilize them in lieu of Anesthesiologists. I had hoped to wait at least a year before returning to school, but may not have that option....any real-world advice on what masters degree would be the most versatile? Thanks so much!
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    Bumping this! Also, are you an Rn yet?
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    I think to go to CRNA school you have to have a year or two experience as a nurse in an ICU.
    Can you shadow someone? My friend is a family nurse practitioner & it looks like a great job.

    Good luck.
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    I believe most MSN programs require RN experience. You might want to look into just a basic MSN; then, you can specialize after you gain experience.