AUGIGI i need your advice please!!!!!!!!

  1. First of all i am very impressed with the way you answer questions that's why i put your name in particular.I tried to send you a private message but it wont go so i am hoping that i can contact you here or even better if you could add me to your buddy list so i could email you for any questions about nursing profession.So here's my problem. I am a quite shy by personality and that's what's making me sure that i could never passed any english proficiency exam with spoken english.I do have confidence about Toefl without the spoken part bec. it is only about written,listening,and reading.Infact i already passed it even without reviewing.I can say that i can communicate well in english also.It's just that i have this phobia about having all those tape recorders and speaking all by myself or being interviewed personally for that matter.I married a US citizen and we're working out on my US immigrant visa.Do i still need that "test of spoken english exam or it's just a requirement for those applying for Visa screen?I happen to discover a state that does'nt require an english exam to be eligible to take the NCLEX exam
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