Applying for the same nursing position twice

  1. Oh finally finally.

    I've been viewing this sweet website since I was a Nursing student years ago and somehow I finally managed to create an account here today. So I feel productive now that I can actually contribute.

    Just to give you a background (not that you would be interested, methinks) I've been out of nursing for about three years now because I did some humanitarian and welfare work in a 3rd world country for a couple of years. But I just finished that and I am ready to go back to nursing. Good thing there's quite a number of nursing vacancies where I live so that's looking good for me. Only thing is they're areas that I'm actually not so much interested in. I enjoy perioperative and surgical nursing, I guess that's from my previous desire to become a surgeon, which changed whilst I was attending nursing school. Eventually I'm thinking about doing MBA and combining that with my nursing.

    Nuff said about myself. Here's my question, and I really need your opinions on the matter. Would you, or have you ever applied for the same position in the same hospital twice? Here's what happened. I applied for a surgical nursing position and got interviewed by the charge nurse of the unit, and the nurse educator, who was very nice. They understood that I have been out of nursing for a couple of years, not long enough to forget the skills, but certainly would need support, as would any new nurse in the area, I reckon. And I guess that wasn't an issue considering that I got shortlisted and was interviewed. Interview went well, could be better perhaps but it was okay. They also understood that my experience was limited cos prior to me going overseas, I only had 6 months post-grad experience in Theatre/OR/PACU/Pre-surgery. It seemed to me that that's fine with them, otherwise I won't be shortlisted. They told me that should I be the successful candidate, they will help me succeed. I had exceptional references: 2 clinical nurse leaders from my previous work, a nurse preceptor, and a hospital CEO and president...all willing to back me up! Cut this story short. I didn't get the full-time job, which stinks. I didn't take it personally, it happens, although I would've REALLY loved working in the area. I just know I'll do really well at it. And I miss talking with patients after having worked in theatre. I know that's one of my strengths.

    What happened after that though was as soon as they called to tell me I didn't get the position (I already knew a day before, gut instincts), they posted the same position in the same unit, only this time, a part-time position to cover a parental leave. I don't know exactly what happened there. I want to apply because I want to work in the area BUT somehow it doesn't seem right.

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
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  3. by   Sarah G
    I've applied & interviewed for the same area twice. First time was still in nursing school & applied for CNA position to Myleosuppression/Oncology unit. The second time, after graduating & had 6mo RN experience. Both times wasn't offered position, but I felt that I had to try b/c interest in that area. It can't hurt anything to reapply. I just considered it interview experience. Maybe you could call interviewer & let them know you're still interested. Good luck to you.
  4. by   LVNBSN2
    I applied to the same job twice, and sometimes more. Really ticks me off when they interview me and never call back when I inquire about the job, but it's still listed as an open position! I'd rather they tell me "sorry, not interested," rather than ignore me!