anyone knows hiring process in Memorial Regional south florida?

  1. 0 Okay... so I went to an open house yesterday at Memorial Regional in Hollywood, FL. I still haven't heard from them, and I'm getting a little anxious since this is the place I've always wanted to work at. First, I had an interview with both of the nurse directors form the department I applied for. After the interview, the assistant nurse manager gave me a tour of the floor and introduced me to pretty much everyone on the floor. After that, she told me I had to go through a peer interview .... I was pleased to learn that you actually get to have an interview with a probable future co-worker...I thought both interviews went pretty well. My question is how soon after an interview does Memorial let you know if you got the job or not. Is the peer interview a great influence in the hiring decision? Am I freaking out too soon? I applied for at least 12 positions needed in the dpt. most of them in Hollywood, and a couple for Pembroke and Miramar. I would really like to work in Hollywood. This morning I got an email form one position in Pembroke I applied for and was told that the position was given to an internal candidate.....Are all my hopes done? or was I only denied for that position in Pembroke? I thought after I spoke to the directors and gave me a tour of the place was a plus, but now I'm starting to think they do that with everyone.....anyone that works, or has worked there can give me a little insight?
    thank you so much...
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