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I have been a nurse for 4 years, different settings such as telemetry (2 years), ER (3 months), stepdown (6 months) , telemetry float (6 month), ICU staff (1 year), ICU float (3 months)...I know... Read More

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    Just because we are INTJ's does NOT mean that we make bad/unhappy bedside nurses. I definitely thrive in the ICU. Even though I am an introvert, I still like people. I just can't give give give all of the time. In the ICU I like being able to micromanage my two patients-- my "projects" if you will. I like that I can set goals for the day and accomplish them. I like that I can be completely autonomous, requiring help only for turns, or if my patient is crumping. I like that I can gather data- vital signs, assessment data, how the patient looks/feels etc., and I can use that data to predict an outcome and stop something bad before it even happens.

    All that being said, after one year I am starting to look for that "next best thing." I've been waiting to get to this point before taking my CCRN, so that's next on the list. But I have also been looking into being a CRNA. I feel that being a CRNA would take all of my favorite parts about being an ICU nurse, and jack up the responsibility, autonomy, and hopefully excitement. What scares me is that once I am a CRNA I would be locked into a very narrow field. At least as an RN my options will always be wide open. I can have drastic career changes every couple years. If there are ANY CRNA's reading this, particularly those with a INTJ personality type, will I get bored performing the same set of tasks every day?? And how easy is it to switch specialties?
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    You know, I am an intj, look at doctor specialties. That should help a lot. Honestly, I don't see the difference. We are going to analyze the hell out of it, might as well be thinking about the next step up the chain.
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    I never knew about this personality type until in 2012. I was tested at school. My personality test result turned out to be an INTJ type. Knowing my personality type help me understand my strengths and weaknesses. Eventually, I have been able to deal with my boredom, especially in something that vex me. I'm also good working with people. I find many people intrigue by my personality; others find me a heartless person. The educated ones appear to be the least judgmental. In short, I enjoy solitary more than anything else.

    BTW., I have been working in my pre-nursing courses. Even though I'm not guaranteed to be in an RN program, I have been dreaming to be a nurse anesthesiology.
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    Try informatics. Very low on the social scale and high on the technical end. OR would also be a good choice since your working with a small group of people in a structured environment.