Any information on Holy Family fast track program? (Philadelphia) Any information on Holy Family fast track program? (Philadelphia) | allnurses

Any information on Holy Family fast track program? (Philadelphia)

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    I am graduating this summer with my bachelors degree and I was looking into accelerated nursing programs that are not too expensive. I took all but one of the pre reqs to get into the Holy Family fast track program. I plan on taking that this coming Fall and applying for Spring 2015 entering class. However, I can't find alot of information on people who have graduated from this program. I know people who went to Holy Family for X-ray and they liked it. Does anyone have anything they can say about this program? I really wanted to do this one because I like how they have semesters that are split in half (about 6-7 weeks) and also I meet all the requirement for the program. If I wanted to apply to Rutgers or other programs I would need to take 4 more classes and some of the pre reqs classes I have "C"s in and they only accept "B" or above, which means that I would have to retake those classes over again. I am going to be 26 in two months so I would like to finish my nursing degree as soon as possible and finally start my life (I feel like I have been in school forever). If anyone has any information please let me know!
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    The reason you haven't been able to find anyone who graduated specifically from the accelerated program is because the spring 2015 is the first class. Apparently they created a brand new nursing lab and everything at the Newtown campus. I am extremely interested in attending the university for this program as well, however, the internet is full of negative testimonies regarding the university in general. I would love to hear from someone who has something positive to say. Best of luck to you! Maybe we will meet in the program!
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    Any updates on Holy Family? I'm interested as well. Please post!!!!
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    Hi Deenin Nurse!

    I am new to this site even though I have been reading forums 24/7 due to my interest of going into nursing soon!
    I have been shopping around for schools and like you, I have heard really little about HFU program. One thing I did hear from a friend of mine that will be attending HFU as a freshmen, she has heard nothing but great things about the school/program. I am hoping that once she starts school, she will know more and let me know. I will keep you posted!