Any current/previous PTAs here?

  1. Hello I'm new around here. I had a few questions on Nursing and other careers. A little bit about me, I'm 20 going on 21 and a mom to a 6 month old little girl. I'm having a hard time deciding on careers but have narrowed down my choices to either becoming a Registered Nurse or Physical Therapist Assistant. I have my school picked out as far as going for a BSN goes. I kinda like the idea of becoming a PTA since they make about $50k a year and I won't have to be in school as long. There also seems to be a pretty good demand for them here. At the same time, RNs make more and it seems like a fun career but I'm hearing there's a lot of competition for jobs. I was wondering if there any PTAs here that can tell me how they like their career or if you were a previous PTA, what was it like and how was the pay?

    I'm also wondering if I do decide on either one, would it be ok for me to take out a small loan to get a studio apartment? Things aren't really working out here as far as living with my parents goes. I'm just tired of the same ol things and I'm ready to be independent and enjoying my life because right now, I feel like a prisoner.
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  3. by   HouTx
    Honestly, right now I would advise you to go for PTA if there are job opportunities in your area. It would provide you with a more "controlled" schedule. Since it appears that you are a single mother, it may be very difficult to arrange safe & reliable child care if you have to work 12 hour shifts on nights, weekends & holidays... and this is a normal situation in nursing.

    I strongly advise you to go into debt with loans for living expenses if you can avoid it. That 'great' starting salary will be significantly reduced with student loan repayments. Suck it up and live with your parents until you complete school. Most likely, your parents' attitude will change for the better when you are in school full-time. They will probably be much more supportive.