Anxiously Waiting for my RN License.

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    Good day Angels in the Sickroom!

    I recently graduated with a degree in BS Nursing. I just took my Local Nursing Licensure Examination here in the Philippines last June 30-July 1, 2012. I am still waiting for the results. (Oh I hope I pass! ) I am so anxious about it. Nevertheless, i really hope for the best. It has been weeks already and boredom has really got into me. I want to busy myself so i may distract myself from anxiety and at the same time, to make the best of this free time until the results come out. what activities do you suggest i do which may also benefit me by the time my RN license are in my hands (yes, i claim it! Lol!) and begin job hunting? Do some volunteer work, practice doing my resume perhaps? Your suggestions will be deeply appreciated guys. God bless you all!

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