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Hi, I am a nursing student who has just finished the Geriatrics Rotation and is going into the M/S, Peds and Ob/Gyn rotation in the fall. My concern is this....I started having serious doubts about nursing after Geriatrics. My... Read More

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    Everyone doing clinicals has their favs and their not so favs. For me my stressor was OR. I would do just about ANYTHING to get out of an OR. The instructor knew this too! Each am she'd annouce the surgeries in the corresponding OR's. You'd sign up for the one's you were interested in. I never signed up for anything. Those left over got to work Post-Op. I LOVED that! I did get thrown into a few surgeries. Grinned and barely bared it. Loved Labour/Delivery, found Paeds really difficult as I always related it to my kids at home. I'm now an ER nurse. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else!

    Good luck! Don't let one bad experience ruin the whole show!


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    do not give up, nursing is not just working in geriatrics. There are so many options out there, you just need to finish and begin to explore the options. You can go into related fields, like pharmaceutical reps., working as a nurse investigator for attorney's offices, working as a nurse in an insurance company, etc. Bedside nursing is not the only option. But, I would recommend you get your BSN, in order to be more marketable to other employers. joenp
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    I detested having to go to a geri hosp for my first clinicals but knew it was inevitable to say the least but never let it effect my nursing practice as I knew it was not going to be forever just part of the programme, but in the end I really enjoyed it to see an elderly person smile at you and the grattitude on their faces was just absolutely priceless.
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    For my first clinical I was assigned to the rest home hospital. I was not enthused as that was not the career path that I wanted to go into. In actual fact I was not looking forward to it at all.

    But as it was part of the programme I had no other choice I went along and ended up thinking it was not too bad after all I got so much joy out of nursing the elderly esp when they showed grattitude and smiled at you it was just priceless.

    Now I cant wait till I have my next clinicals.
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    Originally posted by cloudydrms
    I don't really have a weak stomach, but it ain't made of iron either. Now I worry that I won't be able to handle the bombardment of smells, etc. once I get in the hospital? Cindy
    Hi Cindy! I have a weak stomach too -- I kept alcohol wipes in my pocket. When it was really bad I'd swab one under my nose. Vick's vaporub works too...

    Where there's a will there's a way...

    PS I didn't care for geriatrics either, but I liked wound care (funny, since I have the whole yucky smell thing going). But here I am in Psychiatry...the worst smell we get is cigarette smoke (I'm a nonsmoker, so that is pretty yucky to me!).
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    Thanks, guys!!! In Peds now, like it, Ob/Gyn next, looking forward to it!
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    originally posted by lisa32
    thanks, guys!!! in peds now, like it, ob/gyn next, looking forward to it!

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