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I've been a nurse for the past 7 years and can't imagine doing it much more. The trouble is am not sure what's to become of me. I'm an oncology nurse who on a good day loves to take care of pts.... Read More

  1. by   UK2USA
    I am so sorry that you feel this way, but unfortunately nurses do end up feeling just as you do (even in the UK). If you still have a love for the provision of health care then I may have a suggestion. In the UK at the moment pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies pay good salaries for nurses to demonstrate equipment etc. There is often no requirment for you to sell the product, just demonstrate. There are also training companies that pay well for nurses to demonstrate basic life support to groups of people (such as new mothers, office workers etc). There may be something similar to these suggestions where you are. However, sometimes you just nneed to call it a day (even if it is temporary) - do not feel guilty about this, you will be better suited for the demands after you have taken care of your own needs. I really hope that everything works out.