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I've been a nurse for the past 7 years and can't imagine doing it much more. The trouble is am not sure what's to become of me. I'm an oncology nurse who on a good day loves to take care of pts.... Read More

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    I'm sorry you're so down, and I truly hope things improve for you soon.

    I had this thought. If you are interested in the law at all, you can become a paralegal and use your nursing expertise to work for a personal injury attorney. I hear that they make pretty good money, although I don't have an actual dollar amount, and I'm sure every state is different. It's a thought.

    Maybe just a change in nursing direction would help. A different area.

    Whatever you do, God Bless and take care of yourself.:kiss

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    I hope things are going better for you. Perhaps nursing was too stressful of a career for you or that the hospital that you worked in was not an encouraging environment for you. ( I also hope you are still seeing a therapist for you physical and mental well being) I am going to be starting a career in nursing. I have always wanted to do something that would impact people's lives. I have always enjoyed one on one interaction with people and have always wanted to care for people. I am not na´ve and I know nursing can be a very stressful career, but look at all the nurses that took the time to respond to you. They are all the reasons why I want to be a nurse. Giving, caring, and they pay attention to those who need them. I have so much respect for them and the profession. I hope that this forum has helped you and I hope that you are doing well and I hope you don't let a few bad nurses ruin your view of the entire profession.
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    I am currently searching for another career move myself. I think there is a big difference between giving up and changing, and I don't think you should feel guilty about changing or wanting to change your career. Nursing is very stressful and has a high burn-out rate, especially when the people that you work with are ignorant, senseless and careless, yes it can and will take it's toll. But whatever you decide keep your license active, you can always fall back on it.
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    Originally posted by Brownms46
    I lived outside of Dallas, TX at the time, and guess where they were looking for people at?? You got it, the SRO office in Euless, TX, which was a ways from where I lived.
    Wow...I was just thinking...ooOOOI bet she got that job in Euless, no less.OOOoo How bout that?

    Sorry you had to wait 2 months for that.
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    I am thinking of going into nursing-pretty much made the decision, but need just a little more time. Your piece was inspiring to me. I used to have problems with standing up for myself, but no more. One day the lightbulb came on and I realized how angry I was for taking stuff and then wishing I had said something. I know I will be viewed as a "*****" sometimes, but better that with self respect than the former:angryfire Have you ever thought about being a psychologist, too? Anyhow, have a great day. It was truly awesome to come across your piece on this board
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    [I am not going to tellyou that I have loved every day of th elast 15 as a nurse, that would be a lie! Boy, I can remember thinking that I had wasted alot of time and money getting a degree to do stuff that I hated! I agree that you should look into why you came into this in the first place! I found that I REALLY couldn't enjoy doing something else -- found that I got my motivation from the few incredibly bright spots I got from patients and learned to turn a deaf ear to some of my collegues who were mean. I too suggest that you make an appointment with your doc. Clinical depression is real and can be treated! If that is even part of the issue -- things will be alot better if you can get that under control! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers! Keep us posted and remember - there are people out here that give a rip about you and wish you all the best WHATEVER you choose to do!
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    I am so sorry that you feel this way, but unfortunately nurses do end up feeling just as you do (even in the UK). If you still have a love for the provision of health care then I may have a suggestion. In the UK at the moment pharmaceutical companies and medical device companies pay good salaries for nurses to demonstrate equipment etc. There is often no requirment for you to sell the product, just demonstrate. There are also training companies that pay well for nurses to demonstrate basic life support to groups of people (such as new mothers, office workers etc). There may be something similar to these suggestions where you are. However, sometimes you just nneed to call it a day (even if it is temporary) - do not feel guilty about this, you will be better suited for the demands after you have taken care of your own needs. I really hope that everything works out.

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