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I am currently preparing to embark on my journey of nursing school this coming Spring10. I am very excited to be accepted into my local completive ADN nursing program. My drive, determination, family support and my though-out... Read More

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    Way to go son, ever thought about being in the military??? Sounds like you'd thrive!
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    I have the ultmost respect for the men and women who fight for our freedom. I commend each and every individual for their bravery and willingness to fight for a cause ( even if that cause has a underline ). I appreciate the suggestion, but my views on the military ( or anything like it ) will not allow me to join. The benefits are great but the physical and emotional demands and/or effects are too great for me to bear.
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    I'm taking classes now alongside the classes that I have to take for my ADN that will later transfer for my BSN. I don't really see the problem in doing so. I will have a one semester break (hoping it's only one semester!) and possibly a summer (there is only one summer session and if I start in spring, I'll end up going over two summers) - both of those will be used to continue classes that I'll need for my BSN. I don't see how it's doing too much. I also have two young children at home and volunteer each week.