Age Old Resume Question - What do you want to do?

  1. 0 I believe that having an "objective" on your resume is important (from my own experience as a manager - outside of healthcare in addition to speaking with others).

    But how do I answer the question and/or handle the "objective" part of my resume being right out of school with no experience? Truth be told I will be happy to work almost anywhere as there are a bunch of things that I'm interested in. But you obviously want to be decisive on your resume (& interview). You will never get a job with a "sure I'll do whatever ya got" kind of attitiude. I just don't want to limit myself by saying I'm looking to work in ICU or maternity for example, when it looks to me like Med-surg is my best chances of landing a job.

    Anyone have an opinion on this?
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    Quote from Hirsch44
    Truth be told I will be happy to work almost anywhere as there are a bunch of things that I'm interested in.
    As long as there are a bunch of things you're interested in...? I realize with this statement you're trying to say you're open to most anything, but it *sounds* like you're a little unrealistic... Just be careful about how you word things, like in an interview.

    Second, I've heard for the last 9 years or so that objective statements are next to obsolete & take up valuable résumé space. Apparently hiring managers don't want to take time to see how eloquently you can say "I want a job" they just want you to get to the point.

    Good luck with your job hunt... I hope you find a bunch of things you're interested in!
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    PP is correct, resumes no longer include an "objective" if you are applying for a specific job because it's obvious (duh) what job you are seeking. However, you may want to include an objective if you are posting a copy of your resume on an online site where it may be reviewed by recruiters since you want to try to minimize the chance of being contacted for inappropriate 'recruitment' (pyramid schemes, shady (pay me and I'll get you a job), "wonderful investment opportunities", etc) responses that are still triggered by many of those sites.

    So - only include an "objective" on your resume if it's for general distribution (publicizing your name, qualifications and availability)- not if you are targeting a specific job opportunity. Does that help?
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    Thanks for the reply... you got it exactly. I don't want to sound unrealistic & my statement alone evoked that sentiment as I re-read my post. Its been a a long time since I've had to interview & sell myself. Will definitely think more about the objective on the resume - haven't heard that perspective yet but what you say makes a lot of sense.

    Thanks again...
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    yes, very helpful.

    Thank you

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