Advice to the Younger Nurse Me - page 3

"This is what reality shock feels like," I thought to myself as I stared at the little confused old man sitting on the edge of his bed, covered in blood from the IV that he just pulled out. It was... Read More

  1. by   LauraB419
    in my first year of nursing, i had nurses say "i cant help you right now", so i didnt know HOW to do something, i didnt know WHERE to find things, and i felt hopeless and helpless.... I rushed and rushed because after 2 weeks of training i was charge nurse for a 20 bed hall all vent dependent, and management got mad at me because i didnt know WHAT to do, and then i made a med error...(NEW NURSE).. Then at a hospital, that stress, anxiety, adrenaline you talk about turned into FULL BLOWN PANIC ATTACKS with BLACK OUTS. your body can only take so much, should we pass out on patients, while we are waiting for that "feeling" to go away.??? you can ask for help but nurses will be mad, wont help, complain to management, and you will be scolded...and the other nurses WONT LIKE how are you to do a team work job when your staff doesnt like you???? THIS is all why, that get ready to start over again and do it tomorrow is a horror story.... I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE but with nurses eating their young, with not enough training, with toooo high patient to nurse ratio, and everyone saying "this is so typical crazy nursing" it is INSANITY, it makes me scared to go to a hospital, rehab center, nursing home ive worked THEM ALL! I wish i could go back and talk to the student nurse in 2nd quarter who wanted to quit because of the pure panic, and i should have listened to something else....
  2. by   ahmed khaled mohamad
    good to all