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  1. I am a mom returning to nursing after a 5+ year break raising the kids. I have 7+ years of SICU experience. I have my license active and have completed the written RN refresher course in North Carolina. My problem is this,...I have sent MANY resumes, letters and inquiries for various med/surg, outpatient jobs etc. out there and I am not getting any responses. What gives? I was told by a recruiter that I was viewed as inexperienced & many hospitals will not hire me based on my lack of recent experience! I am smart, and willing to do what it takes to train for a position. I will even work odd hours (with notice.) This is so frustrating and it makes me think that needs are not being filled due to this mentality in filling nursing positions. Please, advise me. Thanks!!
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  3. by   HealthyRN
    Perhaps it is just a bad time to be applying for jobs. All the new grads are filling positions during this time of year and you may be competing with them, which doesn't seem quite right because of your 7 years of experience. But much of how the nursing profession works isn't quite right. I'm sorry that you are experiencing this problem.

    I would suggest applying for positions outside of acute care. Consider positions that do not require any patient care, like case management, pharma rep, insurance companies, etc. You could also try for home health or public health jobs.

    Do you have a BSN? If not, that would be another option. You could return to school for a BSN and then employers may consider your knowledge to be more recent. Good luck!
  4. by   shecali
    Don't know about your area but over here in CA there are several big hospitals that offer re-entry/new grad programs. They make you sign a contract stating that you will stay with the hospital for a length of time and they will train you for acute care nursing. Check with the big hospitals in your area, especially any teaching facilities.

    Good luck!!
  5. by   momababyrn
    I understand where you are coming from as I am in a similar situation. I have been a nurse for 7 years. The first two years in the hospital as an OB nurse and the last 5 as a case managment/utilization review nurse with OB emphasis. I recently decided after having my first baby that I really miss working in the hospital and that my current work schedule is incompatible with being a parent to my son.

    To be proactive in getting bak to acute care nursing I got recertified in BLS and NRP, I renewed my fetal monitoring skills, I also am a member of a professional organization (AWHONN) for my nursing specialty.

    I had been looking for a hospital position for several months. Some places viewed me lower on the totum pole than a new grad while other didn't feel I was out of direct care long enought to warrent running me through a new grad program. I just recently had success and was offered a position in a teaching hospital.

    I think the teaching hospitals may be the way to go. Also if you need to renew any cetifications like BLS, ACLS, etc get that done now. Persistance pays off so don't get discouraged and keep trying!
  6. by   momthenRN
    Yes, I do have a BSN. I also have had many certs in ACLS, IABP, CVVHD, EKG's although some are expired. I guess I need to knock down a door or two and face the recruiters with another resume in hand. Thanks for your comments and advice!!:spin: